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Functional Training (Personal Training)

A 1-3 x/ week Training Program. This Program teaches you how to Train Smart! ( Doing less compensation+ getting more out of your movements) This Training Program runs for 3 Months, as 3 Months is enough time for a FULL TRANSFORMATION! Prices vary based on the number of times you train/ week.

Don't Let Poor Training derail your Posture Improvements. We've noticed a good amount of people get help with this Method, but later return because of faulty gym/athletic training. Let's get you started! We will teach you how to train safely, and efficiently in order to reach your goals.

What You Get:

- 1 Hour Zoom/Facetime Call ( Can do a 'house call' in select Orange County areas.

- ** A Gym is available in Corona Del Mar, CA in case you'd prefer in person coaching

- Includes One FREE 'Posture' Menu every Month. (Value of $150)

- PTX App for Posture Menu

- A Google Doc with what you did in your sessions: (exercise/sets/reps/weight) , notes on every movement

- Bi weekly check-ins to make sure you are processing +reaching your goals!

- One Free 'Posture Reset' Class entry/mo.

Personal Training

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